I was perusing FictionPress when I stumbled across yet another stereo-type essay. I'm sure many of you agree that essays no longer offer any semblance of originality. Have no fear – I shall not beat a dead horse here. I simply want to give my analysis of what the phrase "stereo-type" means to me.

To begin, a little history. From my research the first example of a stereo-type was the system used to allow local hotel-goers a chance to listen to the Paris Opera. In 1881, Clement Adler used a series of telephone transmitters placed in and around the stage of the opera house. These were connected to the hotel via receivers, which let the hotel patrons pick up the phone and hear the performance. A little over fifty years later, stereoscopic sound was transmitted from an orchestra Philadelphia to Constitution Hall. Microphones were placed around the orchestra, while large speaks were placed around Constitution Hall. The age of stereo had begun.

Stereo sound has made leaps and bounds over the past century. In 1939, Edwin Armstrong invented the FM radio, which would change the face of stereo and radio forever. It offered less interference with greater frequency, making it more appealing to the public. Sadly, due to a series of lawsuits with opponents over his invention, Armstrong committed suicide. However, FM radio was pivotal in the evolution of stereo.

What exactly is a "stereo-type"? Here are the three main categories of stereo-types:

Car Stereos – These stereos let us to listen to music in the car. Radio, which fully developed thanks to WWII, made its journey to the automobile in the middle of the century. Nowadays, upgrading one's sound system can be seen as a bragging right among youngsters, allowing them to say who's car can blast sound louder than another's.

Home Stereos – Why confine your listening pleasure to the car? Gone are the days of the bulky speakers and huge control boxes (Which I myself own – vestiges of my father's acquisitions during the 1980's). Contemporary stereos are small, compact, using the latest in micro-technology to produce amazing sound quality. However, these systems come at steep prices. Unless you really want to fill your house with music, why not purchase a personal sound system?

Personal Stereos – You might not refer to a Walkman or an mp3 player as a personal stereo, but seeing how music these days are recorded in stereo sound, it can qualify. Personal stereos are the ideal music choice of the listener-on-the-go, offering a variety of conveniences ranging from price, compactness, easy storage. I myself own an mp3 player and a Walkman.

In conclusion, we should embrace stereo-types. As we enter the twenty-first century, we can expect leaps and bounds in the area of sound, recording, and radio. Oh, and by the way: Goths are creepy, preppies are jerks, and jocks are idiots.