Chapter 2:

The moon was making her nervous. Kirby walked slowly towards the meeting place. The last thing she wanted was her dream to come true. Here she sat in college trying to avoid the fact that she was a night stalker a slayer of the things that go bump in the night, and it comes back and bites her in the ass. She would fight, if she knew she wasn't out of date. She was just hoping this guy was just as peaceful as he seemed. But she knew that dreams can be deceiving.

She just sighed as the night air pierced her skin. She hated living in one of the stated that actually got cold during the winter. She also hated the fact she wore her light jacket because it was "cuter" then her warm one. Why did she have to act like a ditz?

"You look a little cold" a voice came from out of the darkness that surrounds the young woman who was beginning to shake.

Frightened, Kirby looked around to see where the voice was coming from. There wasn't a body in sight. She closed her eyes, addressing her night stalker powers for the first time in years. She let her senses take over and allowed her mind to look into the shadows for anything unwanted lurking about. But what she found wasn't unwanted. She did want it… She wanted him.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you," the man from her dreams whispered as he walked up behind. He took his own jacket off and placed it on her shoulder. He was used to be cold, always has been. The weather didn't even faze him. He hasn't felt anything since the first time he died.

"Umm, thanks,' Kirby said securing the jacket around her little body. She just wanted to run into to his arms and… Ahem. They didn't have time for that. Her friends could be anywhere with anyone. They were in danger. She shouldn't have left them she should have run up the stairs.

"Please, don't look at me like that," The man said calmly. He hated how her eyes seemed to pierce straight through him. He didn't want to have to pay for his mistakes the rest of his life. He was a vampire and he has killed many before, but he has paid his dues. She looked at his for what he appeared to be not for who he really was.

"I'm sorry," She said looking down to the ground quickly.

He grabbed her hand and started to run. She didn't know why she let him. She didn't know where they were going or anything. She just felt safe with him. She closes her eyes and let him take her wherever he was heading. She wasn't sure she wanted to see what was about to happen.

"Stay here," He growled as he stopped at her front door. It was like he knew what she was thinking before he saw here. Either that or he has good radar for distress. She just nodded as he looked at her.

The dark man slowly walked up the steps. It was almost as if he were fighting as a human. He laughed at the thought of classifying himself human. He was as far from it as they. He looked around the motionless dormitory trying to find some type of clue.

In the main living room lay the two motionless bodies of Alex and Brooke. He shook his head hoping that they still had a pulse. He wouldn't be able to do anything if they didn't have a pulse. He knelt down in between the two friends and put a hand on each neck.

He smirked, feeling the faint pulse in the two women. He forgot how warm human blood was. It definitely made him hungry, but he had to behave. He had to prove to the night stalker he could be just as good as her. He could fight the bloodlust. He had a strong mind power.

"I thought I told you to stay down there," the stranger yelled as he heard Kirby start to come up the stairs. He hated how women never seemed to actually listen. He walked over to the staircase and looked down at her. He didn't want her to see her friends hurt. The last thing he needed was her going around screaming

"They're my friends. If they are hurt, I want to know." Kirby said nicely. She wasn't going to panic at the mere sight of a motionless body. She learned her lesson the first time when she had to deal with her mother's death and she was bombarded by freshly created vampires.

"They're fine, but the dorm isn't." Riley said looking at the mess that had been left behind. He just hated not knowing what happened. He could normally sense what vampire had left behind what, but this one seemed to go unnoticed. He looked at the black watch around his wrist it was almost 3 o'clock. He had to get going. Three o'clock was the hour when all new lovely friends came out.

"Oh," Kirby replied as she finished climbing her stairwell. Her dorm was built like an apartment. It had a series of dorms downstairs and then a series of dorms upstairs. The only difference is the downstairs ones had kitchens. She shared her little dorm with her two best friends and a few girls they were assigned with. She was just glad the others were home for the weekend.

"You can't deny it anymore. They'll come after you." The mysterious man said as he walked back over to her friends. He didn't know what to say. He was thinking this should be warning enough. However he knew she didn't need to be any more upset then she already was.

"They have a pulse? They look so cold." Kirby said as she stood next to him. She didn't know what else to say. He made he so nervous, the butterflies in the stomach you drive me wild nervous. She just kind of looked at the side of his face waiting for him to say something to her. She knew her friends were badly hurt but he made her feel like they were just napping and would jump up at any moment.

The stranger knelt back down by the two unconscious bodies and but his hand over each one. It made Kirby wonder what he was doing. He looked back up at her and folded his arms in front of his chest as he stood back up. He walked toward her and stopped for a minute before heading out the door.

"Wait!" Kirby chased after him. She had so many questions. Who was he? What did he just do? Why did she keep dreaming about that flawless body and soothing voice? Who attacked her friends and what did they want?

"I'll be back tomorrow any questions you have, I'll answer then. I think you should fix this place up before you're RA has any questions. I'm sure you'll have a rough time telling her vampires attacked," he joked as he disappeared into thin air. It was like he wasn't even there at all.

Kirby started to pick up the piece of broken wood. She knew she was going to have to go shopping for new furniture. Luckily, she knew exactly where the school got its dorm décor from. Before she knew it, Kirby had finished picking up the living room. At least they didn't trash the rest of the dorm, she thought.

Kirby tried picking up her friends, but instead realized her muscles were out of shape. There was no way she was going to be able to lift them up. She'll just have to go get some blanket from her room and make it look like they were having a slumber party. She fell asleep as the moonlight shined on her through the window.

He looked into her eyes and smiled. He had the greatest smile a man could have. He made her weak. She didn't know what to do around him. Despite the smile all she could see was pain in his eyes. He wanted to show he the cold journey he had before he came to her.

She was standing in the warmth of the desert sun, but she felt like she was freezing. She could tell she was in ancient Rome. Then there he was… He was leading a group of men to war, or at least that's what it looked like. In a matter of seconds his whole troop was demolished and he stood face to face with the one man who did it.

"The king doesn't want any intruder," hissed the voice of a murderer. He was standing in all black attire. He had to be sweating like crazy. His face was almost as dark as his clothes even though he had the palest skin, she has ever seen.

"Your king is a fake! I fight for my king, the only true king there is." There stranger fought back. Kirby almost wanted to walk out and help him, but she stayed in her place.

"You don't even know my king! Ambrose washes his feet with the like of vile like you! Go back to your kingdom; the king of Rome has no time for little games!"

"I have come a long way, the least you could do is fight me like a real man!"

"Another day Captain Riley…" With that the man in all black was gone.

Riley looked around not knowing what to do now… His whole army was dead, killed by an ungrateful king. He was going to make sure Ambrose paid for what he did. Friends and family lie there motionless and there was nothing a man could do. He didn't care if that king wanted visitors or not he was going to get one.

He marched on toward the palace at the center of Rome. Riley was from a small independent village to the north. All the men dead because they didn't have the proper equipment, he was the only one with the ability to fight no matter what he was using. By the time he reached the city it was nightfall and nothing was normal.

"It's the famous Lysander Riley, a man for the people. Sorry to hear about your men. You should have asked to come… I may have let you. Your women are exquisite…. You shouldn't have left them alone. You never know when a stray wolf will attack. Lucky for you I salvaged one for you. She's all yours…" Ambrose joked as he sat on his throne waiting for the approaching man to prove his worth. He grinned knowing exactly what he wanted from the commander. He needed a new hand at his second identity and Lysander Riley was just the man.

"Esmeralda!" Lysander screamed as the king had some guards bring her out. She was severely beaten and the blood was fresh on her skin. He could see her pain. He was going to kill the king if it was the last thing that he did. He took his home and his family and his friends. There was nothing left for him to lose.

King Ambrose rose from his seat and met the commander. He grabbed his face and kissed his forehead as he heard him cry. He had to comfort him if he was ever going to get through to him. "It is not my fault child. The men out here have a mind of there own. They are far worse then the evil you think I have. I am your friend. They brought her to me. She's yours I swear. Just tell me you won't hurt a poor old man."

"You're not poor and you're not old, no promise!" Lysander knelt down before the king in honor. If he was going to left have his wife without any trouble, he would disrupt that.

Ambrose laughed. He never thought it would be this easy. Just as he had but his hands to kiss the commander's forehead, he had put his hands to twist the broken man's neck. He wouldn't feel any pain from dying. The ailing from a dead man's wife became almost intolerable. He threw a small dagger at her stomach… She keeled over in pain.

The king laughed as he let his own blood drain into the body that lay before him. He stopped the blood once he knew Lysander had plenty. Now all he had to do was wake up. "Take him and the whore to the torture chamber. We're going to have a little fun," the king said as he left the room.

Esmeralda was laid on a small circular table. Locked up, she laid there motionless. There was nothing she could to save herself. She was going to die and she knew it. Ambrose stood in front of her looking at the motionless Lysander on the chair. This was going to be more fun then he had imagined it was going to be.

Lysander woke up with a thirst, unquenchable and throbbing thirst. He wanted blood, the warm red stuff that dripped from the human body. No, animal blood just wouldn't do the trick. He was blinded by this thrust he didn't see his wife tied down in front of him… All he saw was the thirst… The red thirst.

Ambrose moved away to show Lysander his meal. As Lysander plunged forward, Ambrose began to slowly walk around the room. He was enjoying the show. He never got to see another vampire savagely feed off of human. This was quite the show.

When Lysander had finished he saw the innocent face. He saw his wife. What had he done? He was the one who killed her, but that wasn't his wife. It couldn't have been her. How could he have done this? He loved her… He loved her.

"My dear commander. Don't worry… She was put out of her misery. She was in so much pain, you didn't have a choice."

"You did this to me!"

"I did nothing… I merely gave you life, you owe me gratitude."

"What type of life is this? My wife is dead!"

"As is your unborn child. But that is the past my child… You are with me now. I will take care of you as if you were my own son."

"I already have a father; I don't need a new one."

"Correction, Lysander had a father… You are Riley now."

"I was Riley before."

"You will never be called Lysander again. You willed be named after the warrior of your last name. You come from a line of fighters and now you're mine."

"I take orders from no king!"

"That's where you are wrong my child. I am all that you have now… You're not going to let you're dear wife die in vain. You and I are both fighting the same men. The men that killed everyone you held dear."

"They are your men!"

"No they are wild beasts! Together we can make them pay for what they did!"

Riley looked around the room at the guards and the king. He didn't have a choice. If the king was willing to let him kill those men for revenge, he had to do it. His family didn't die in vain. He would make sure every last bastard pay.

Riley's revenge went on for centuries. Ambrose would point out a man or woman on the street and he would kill. It was like he had no heart. It wasn't until he saw her face again, that he realized what he was doing. His friends and family were reborn into a better life. He was getting revenge that he didn't need.

Ambrose tortured Esmeralda again. He would fuck her in front of Riley. Drink from her neck, but not killing her. He would cut her in shapes and letters telling a story. He was having too much fun torturing a lost soul.

It was after this incidence that Riley left whom he had started to know as his father, his creator. He left Ambrose and now was the only vampire fighting against him. He looked at Kirby and then down to the ground. He doesn't know how many innocents he killed just because another man said to. He didn't have any excuses, he just wanted to be human and die.

"Hey girl, wake up!" Alex was shouting into the ear of her best friend. She started shaking Kirby. Then she stopped when she saw a tear fall from her friend's eyes. These dreams have got to stop happening, Alex thought as she looked at Brooke.

"Don't look at me… I don't cry when there's a hot guy in my dreams!" Brooke said as she started to play with her curly brown hair. She was one of those girls who just had to be perfect all the time and if she missed her hair appointment, oh my god, it's the end of the world.

"I'm up… I'm up… Stop talking about me," Kirby said as she sat up. She was just happy she knew his name now. The only thing left was figuring out why the hell she kept dreaming about him, or if she was going to dream about him, could he at least have his shirt off?

"Morning sunshine," Brooked beamed from across the room. She wanted to know everything about the dream. She wanted to know why Kirby was crying. Plus she wanted every detail of what he looked like.

"Hi," Kirby said looking at Alex, who was sitting there silently. She didn't want this subject to come up again. She has said all that she knows already, and she hated not knowing things. She just blew at the blonde in her face.

"What was it about?" Alex asked knowing the look was her cue. She knew her friend. Kirby would talk about his until she figured out what was going on, no matter how much it bothered her. Alex just hoped she figured it out soon, because she didn't feel like getting her ass kicked again or seeing her friend's ass get kicked.

"I think his life. I know his name." Kirby said as she got up and started to pick up the blankets. They were going to need room for moving things in again. She didn't know why, but bad luck just seemed to follow her.

"And it is?" Brooke asked staring at her friend. She wanted to make sure that she was filled with all the gossip. It was like she just loved to hear other people talk. Brooke smiled at her friend as she waited for the new.