To Break Me

Youonly want me
So you can break me
It gives you the feeling of power
Just to pick off my petals
See me leak my tears,
Because of you.
I'm a stone temple standing tall,
But suddenly,
As an earthquake you arrive
And I come crashing, violently down

You only want me
so you can break me
and you will,
you will,
you will come and break me
like you already have

I'd rather stop trying
To fight you,
But you
Wither I fight or not
And you won't even know
The things that happened to me while you were gone

(Did you know I went into the caged hell, once more?
That father finally left?
And to get away from me, I might add
That I might be sent away?
That I bled myself almost 'til I went dry?
Did you know all those things?)

While the others gave up on hurting me,
But you keep coming
Until there's nothing left to
Even though there was once a time
You didn't even care
And left me to slowly die,
Now I'm lifeless as you came back
To break me down.