My Dearest Love
I stand by you tonight
Though hell and fire shall be my reward
By you I shall remain
Tomorrow we shall be killed
And suffer for our hearts

My Sweet Darling
I hope you can forgive me
I have failed you
You trusted me with your life
I might as well be holding the blade
Soon to be stained with crimson betrayal

My Dearest Love
I never could forget
Your heated kisses
And passionate touch
Even though we shall soon be torn in this world
Meet me on the banks of Styx
So I can hold you once again

My Sweet Darling
Your eyes sparkle with life
Your smile is filled with warmth
Your lips are filled with ardor
And your heart is filled with love
How can this still be?
I am your executioner

My Dearest Love
I chose this route
It's what I want
Don't blame yourself
For I have led you to the lions
And am now watching you be torn to bits
By the very love you still crave

My Sweet Darling
My little princess
I, a lowly peasant
How can I deserve you?
How can fate be so cruel
To give me a taste of delectable happiness
Then sadistically rip it away?
Is it because I've become its personal jester?

My Dearest Love
You are my rock
As long as you are there, I can face any anguish
Any demise, no matter how hideous and torturous
As long as I know you love me
And I did not die in vain
I will do this
I will take the swords meant for both you and I
So that you can live
I hope you can forgive me

My Sweet Darling
You've done all you can to save me
But I've been condemned
Since the first second I laid eyes upon your beauty
And now because of my weakness
Not being able to resist you
I've damned you as well
Please find a way to escape
This retched fate I've gotten you
But please don't ever forget me
Don't let me wander the underworld alone

My Dearest Love
This is the last smile I'll smile in your name
For this is my last moment
And with it I cry out my love for you
This is how it is
Because I still have those who are loyal to me
And have taken you to safety
So that you may go on
You will find another
You will father children who will love you dearly
And then you will die
And I will hold you close again
Darling…I love you
Now, and forever