An Ascent into Oblivion

In the pits the bodies burning,
As the fiery coals keep churning,
Fulfilling their dark desires,
Throwing babies to the fires,
In the valleys hell hounds gather,
On the lost souls they shall shatter,

Forced from the light into darkness I tread,
Led by death and hatred,
Now to escape the hell and rabid pain,
What if I go insane?

Liches raving at black masses,
Alchemists of death destruction,
Children screaming in red ashes,
Mothers burn in immolations,
By the cliff the masses rally,
Fall into the iron valley,

I run through the great burning wilderness,
The fire seems so endless,
I feel my charred skin and my melting flesh,
Lost in endless darkness,

Devils watch the death destruction unleash,
Laughing at the anguish they shall release,
Eating rotting flesh for dinners,
As the mortals burn in acid rivers,

As I flee they laugh at my decision,
Preparing the knife for the incision,
In vain I run from the oblivion,
But I fall from the collision,

Raving and screaming they dismember me,
Listening as I scream in vanity,
They feed on my insides and insanity,
Spreading their wings the devils finish me!

No more angels have the powers,
Imprisoned in leaded towers,
Mankind meets its dark cessation,
In the endless mutilation,
Burning flesh turning to exhaust,
Scorching into the holocaust,
Drowning in the endless fire,
Falling down the boundless pyre,
Satan watches toxic wind blow,
Casts the people to inferno!

Evil minds watch life in its devastation,
As the coals in the furnace keep churning,
As they carried out my immolation,
Mankind now shall forever stop turning,
Laughing at the loathsome mutilation,
My flesh stuck forever burning!