A hero

Let it be written

That on this fatal day

A hero was made

An enemy slayed

It went like this

A fearless hero on a white horse

Rescued a princess from the dragons jaw

Just as the fire was about to billow

He was shot by an unmistakable hero

He had saw the enemy's fatal glare

As he rescued the princess beauty fair

Then off he rode on his black horse

Into the night of devils hoard

The stars all glone

And the hoots of the owls were heard

As the hero of a man disappeared into the cave

Where he slayed the dragon

With just his bare hands

Then rode off without his reward of her hand

Who is this man?

Let it be written that this man could have been you

We are still looking far and wide

All it takes for you to be a hero

Is a solid heart, preferably made of steel?