Do you reckon I could cope if I was to jump off right now

Because I really don't think I could anymore

I feel like I am drowning in a sea of souls

All of them broke beyond repair, all of them begging to breathe some air

I feel like I can't speak out, in case of abuse or even worse

I feel like everyone I know is just another pawn in a game of chess

But I have already been taken

It's like everyone is coping better than me.

Do you reckon I could cope if I didn't have your support?

I don't even though we don't talk anymore

I feel like you're the bridge I walk across

Or the pole I lean on for help

You're a person that takes no sides but still notices when im going to cry

You're the person who can tell me what to do

You are the person I take seriously

Do you reckon I could cope

Because I really don't.