© KwazyKandyPie

I Miss You

It's been a while

As you used to say,

"Long time no see,"

even though you'd see me the day before.

Boo, 'cause I'm a dumb whore.

You don't even remember

Who I am?

That's a shame.

In fact, it's quite lame.

I'm the girl who was once a




Good friend.

Now that that's the end…

Just thought I'd let you know

I miss you.

My heart's in a tizzy.

My head's all dizzy.

It hurts to think about you,

And all the memories.


They're gone.

I'm just a blade of grass,

A pain in the ass,

In the field of your memories.

You know what?

You're just a stupid poem

In a stupid book,

With illegible handwriting,

By the way.

You're so vain,

You probably think this

Poem is about you.

You know what?

This poem is about you,

In a poem book,

With poems about you,

By the way.

I close my eyes

To recollect the look of your face

One piece at a time.

Is it a crime

To still hope you'll come back

One day to smile and

Say, "long time no see."

XOXO, unreachable hugs

And kisses are still here.

All you need to do is

Come more near.

Think of this

As a letter

That'll never be sent.

You know why?

My dirty little secret,

I thought I'd let you know…

I miss you-a lot more than I should.


(Author's note- I just thought I'd let you all know that I'm not posting anymore of my poetry on this site. I'll still be reviewing your poetry and such, though, so no worries about that! Yeah. This is the last poem you'll see. Not that great, but what can you do?

If you're concerned at all, I'll still be writing poetry. Maybe I'll publish them in a book someday, if ever and if they ever get chosen to be published. Who knows? Well, thank you all, and have a nice day, night, afternoon, or whatever!

much love

and dedication,

Kelly Ann