This is where I met her,

where the topography is slimmest,

layers of eroded gelatin,

the enamel rotted to a

particular niche.

She waved like

Merlin and from the aerial

shot, I must have been

a paper doll,

cracking into a lettered grin

that spelt out my


Every tooth glinted

digital porcelain, but

she was a shyer breed,

another agency,

a heavy mare,

eyes quailing under weeds.


I was a pale lioness, hung in the

moldy, fractured grass,

like I was nailed into it

and oil painted, sitting

for a revolutionist.

He painted away his sanity

to Napoleon,

grizzled and wide-eyed

with a curative wink.

She adopted me

in foggy faith as I loosened

every loyalty, they

dropped to hell like Sunday handshakes.

They'll never document

what I won't admit.


I think I might have understood then

why the blueprints were tangible,

she was cutting diamonds while

I just swallowed them whole.