I see you out there

the poet who thinks emotion is bad

the poet who thinks emo is pointless

the poet who believes that words should express a story

Well i'll tell you something

poetry comes from the heart

it comes from the soul

Poetry is a million things

it all depends who you are

but if you don't know who you are

how can you know what poetry is?

I may not be good at writing poetry

but at least i'm learning who i am

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone

What i mean is

Unless you know exactly who you are

and are true to yourself

Don't tell me how to write

Don't tell me that i'm defiling what you believe in

Don't tell me that i'm not good at this

Or i'll tell you three simple words

Go Screw Yourself.

I am Who i am

I write what i write.

If you don't like it

Don't read it.