Lay me down in an open field,
Sing me a lullaby of dauntless lies,
Rich with your haunting and dissonant chords.

I know you watch as I toss and turn
With bitter, unbroken nightmares.
See me crying and feel my pain,
And do nothing to stop these tears.

Have mercy enough to wake me up,
Or at the very least,
Stab me with a rusted dagger.
Perhaps I might die
With some sort of sadistic dignity.

Open wounds and aching hearts,
Loving you so much it hurts
And getting nothing in return,
Save a lost prospect;
An unanswered and dying hope.

There's always something that you'll never do,
Some way I'll never respond,
Some kind of unsatisfied goal,
Leaving me with nothing but an open field
And bitter, unbroken nightmares.