Want, Need, Don't Want, Still Need

I want to throw a pail of water into the sky

Put out the burning stars

Quell the romantic air

So that I won't remember

So that I'll be pessimistic again

So I'll not want this more than anything else

If the stars don't exist, I can't feel this way

If the moon shines really brightly

I mean really brightly

Then maybe I'll see a whole lot less stars

And I wouldn't wish for this

I wouldn't want this so badly

This is horrible

I could've sworn this was all over

Done, finished

I thought the "fine" was way back there

Yet, it just seems to have flown away

But I want it back

But I want this

What do I want?

I want you to go now

But I need you to stay now

Someone, please murder half of me

Make my mind up for me

Make my heart decide

This or that

I think I know what I want now

I just don't want to want what I want