A song someone sings
Echoes melodiously around the room
A voice, hidden in style,
But emancipating all I am,
Paints a picture across my memory…

Dancing figures across the ballroom,
Speaking a tongue unknown,
A song tells a story forgotten,
And a voice behold!
Rescuing a hidden dream free.

A masked caper in tall stride,
Briskly walks to me,
Holds out a hand and smiles,
Music trailing behind,
And whisks me around daringly.

Colors and shapes become one,
But the masked caper's face,
Shining clear as the evergreen glow,
Of a moonlit night undone,
A delight only I can see.

Lips come dangerously close,
And brush mine in a warm embrace,
Close my eyes and darkness grows,
In the hands of this stranger,
Who suddenly stops and leaves me be...

And the ballroom fades away,
The painting becomes torn alarmingly
A memory long forgotten,
I had hoped, but in vain,
will not transform into he.