A hand escaped from stillness
Grasps a doorknob in disguise
A lone room, revealed
Of hidden discrepancies inside

A candle lit, emitting an
Unearthly glow
Light runs across a paper,
Where a hand
Long ago
Wrote a final poem
In dancing starlight of life

"Bemused by words unspoken
entwined in strings of tyrant Fate
I take leave of things unshaken
By storms of a rose's mate.

Here, by the light of the candle glow,
A final word I wish to say about you
A mother's cry going to show—
When these thoughts reach heaven too.

I have lived a life
To shame not me not you
No more will I gift
Disappointment to you."

The hand's body shakes with grief
Clasping a withered note
A head hung low in regret
Envisioning an ocean with Death afloat.