Born into a silent night
I shake off a fear of disposition
An endless array of stars
Folding out from above me
Comforting cries of a sinner lost
An angel flies into the moon
Glowing bright like a lazy eye
I crawl out from under the rosebush…

Touched by every god
Of a heart – rapist's heaven
A body, teasing innocence
But withholding every sin

Foregone love's naive deed
A child's heart recovered
In death of a victim
By the light of a dying moon

When a hand touches
This paper folded
Inside a chest of deep dark mysteries
Think not of mind
That bore these words
But the verses written
To conquer depressive lords.

Born into a secret night
I stumble as I watch
The sun eluding
The moon's deathly grasps
Sirens call from beyond the deep
An unearthly song sings me to sleep.