You're Wasting Trees

Why don't I know what's tearing you up?

You won't tell me things directly, if at all

Why not?

Why can't you just let someone in?

What secret is so confidential that you can't let me in

When you let others in?

What the hell is going on?

I really want to know

I really want to be there for you

But how can I be the awesome friend you need

If you don't let anyone in?

If you shun me from the knowledge like I've done something wrong

Have I?

Whatever happened to friends confiding in each other?

Whatever became of that pact?

That idea?

I'm not the type to sit there and shut people out

Do you know what it's like to wonder where you'll be in a year?

Do you know what it's like to think about how much you'll miss your friends?

Do you know how it feels to want to grasp each moment

But not be able to do so?

Do you know what missing a friend so much

To the point of feeling like you can't go on

Is like?

I hate wasting time like this

Because that's what it is

A complete waste!

I'm sick of being out of the loop with you

I want to know

I want to help

Let me be a freakin friend!

I'm slamming on the door

I tried the doorbell

Didn't work

I tried the knocker

No luck

I tried calling your name

And that still failed

I tried calling your name while knocking and ringing the doorbell

And it was still completely useless

So tell me

What do I have to do now?

Break down the door?

Let me just miraculously pull a chain saw out of thin air

Hang on a second

Oh sorry

That won't work

Because you've so many locks

So many doors

So many decoys

It's insanely impossible to even attempt to get through

Just tell me why you can't let me in?

Why won't you just let me be a freakin friend?