Rainbows (Taken from my story 1,000 Oceans

by writerforever

Dedicated to every aids victim, especially to those who are hated because of their disease.

It had started out sunny

Life had seemed complete

But it was still funny

The skies were a deep blue

The grass was covered in morning due

But things began to change

The rains came

Bringing with them despair

Now I find myself locked away

Betrayed by all those who once loved me

Trapped in this deep pit

They say this disease has no cure

They seem quite sure

But maybe if I just hold to my dreams

I'll spread my wings

And fly away from here

Deep down though

I know I cannot escape

I must get out of the flow

And hide myself

From the judgmental faces

I realize now that there will always be hate

I realize that there will always be prejudices

But when the rain cleared away

As I sat in the hospital today

A rainbow appeared

And I was comforted in knowing

That even though there will always be hate

Even though there will always be prejudices

Even though I will die

There will always be


Rainbows of hope

Rainbows of love

Rainbows of compassion