My Friends

Kebin Kebin he's so charming

No dinosaurs alarming

Nor would witches do harming

So I present you with this Cherubim

No wicked wag could ever scorn

As blue as he is

Merciless he kiss

To that poor penguin cliffy

Or that black man, who came up with ducky

No green he supports

So the blacks' got no resort

Although there is a family

Three of them live with no plea

Their name is JCB

Malicious they glee

Indulgence they spree

There lies a nice young fellow

No one ever so mellow

Let Toni be the name

For Johnnie there to tame

A wicked banshee is also present

Her tainted voice is there to torment

Or else she sings your last lament

No good deeds will she ever intent

Who would want to name their son

A toy in a box, else known as Jack

Nevertheless, as pimp as he is

Game I would say, be he a whiz

A spiky porcupine goes by Will

Violence he resolve, can not be so ill

Your xxx he would find to drill

For his desire ready to fulfill

There is also my heater

A school he's named

Can he be no maimed

Or could he be proclaimed

James my friend,

Could be so melancholy

Yellow is his last name

Never is it so transcend

Another bald, young, fanatic monk

A different of him, no chronic drunk

A road he possess

On top of his head

Fashion he calls, I make fun instead

Have anyone ever watch the Simpson's

If yes then she should be the youngest

There you would guess,

Maggie you would suggest

Yes I would stress

Anyone here a basketball fan

Cause YaoMing I see,

Almost everyday

He's not much taller than me I would say

More like 20 cm or a foot short

So what can I say about the luckiness of mine

To see a basketball star,

Everyday in life

Of whom would menopause in such young age

But when you tell him, he would go in rage

A high forehead is what he bear

People see, and they glare

If I were he, would I be despair

But as dull as he, not to be aware

In contrary there's a guy

The hairiest man, no one can deny

Mark he is, to be marked he says

Annoying is he, all words are his

Same name as bald, a whitey he present

Such pale skin, mature he resembles

But I don't know what I can say

To make myself not be slay

Now let me tell you about the three black men

The first is Brian, who I condemn

His wish is to be tan

Since middle school it began

And the passion never dies like flame

The second one would be Jack

The only thing he's interest is to hack

Like a girl's body or some horny things

So no good news will he ever bring

Last but not least, the might Charles

What he's good at is to snarls

The only thing about him is that

Too cocky he is, sometimes splat

As I have mentioned before that Toni's husband

Peremptory requests he would demand

What Johnnie possess is his neat writing

As if it's done by girls, would I suspecting

Unbelievable I know, by writing kenning

O Star of David or star of common

No one in the world can be like as falcon

He swing the hockey sticks faster than anyone

Before you've realized or to make a pun

It is time for penguin I

For myself to think of a line

People who see me would think me shy

But really if you do know me well

That statement is quite frail

Unless you are drinking the London ale

Then recognizing me, should you fail