…And what if the world was to end tomorrow

What would there be to say?

What could there be to say to you?

I love you?

But it goes so much deeper than that

I gaze up into the starry sky

With your head in my lap, sleeping peacefully,

I wonder how it all will end.

Will I know it?

Will I feel anything other than nothing?

I shift my attention back to you

Staring at you lovingly

All your worries wiped away

I know you've been through so much

But when you sleep there is no trace of these worries

I don't see a gawky teenage boy

I see a man struggling with his inner demons

Your last words before you drifted off to sleep

"How will it all end? Hell is for eternity…I'm scared"

But how can such a good person be punished

For a mistake so long ago

I'm sure he's sorry

I'm sure he's made his penance

And after all

It wasn't entirely his fault

Though he won't listen to the reason

I feel your hand entwine with mine

As you wake up still in a sleepy daze

I push your hair out your eyes

And whisper

"I have my answer...

When it ends…we'll not know it.

Hell is for fools,

You my love are no a fool.

Don't be scared…where ever you go

I WILL follow.

I'll make sure you stay safe."

He smiles weakly up at me

"Thank you…"

What would you do if the world ended tommorow?

What could you do?

What should you do?