as society, why do we let things drive people so far? the girl in my poem tried to call for help, so many times. no one ever listened. she didn't know what to do, so she ran away, it seemed right, safe. but running away from from one problem, ony led her to another. one she couldn't run away from. we need to listen when someone cries for help. because, everyday, more and more girls run away from home. guys leave too. some end up dead, others end up in a living hell, forced to sell their bodies just to survive. most never make it out of that life. yes, even some of the guys get sucked into it. many are picked up by old men. now, there's nothing wrong with being gay, but a 40-50 year old man does not need to pray on a 16 or 17 year old boy who's life is already full of problems. lets start now, and listen when someone asks for help.

She Ran

Her tear soaked face
glistened in the moonlight.
Her small figure
disappeared behind a tree.

They said her life wa perfect.
They said she was happy.
They were wrong.

The screaming, the yelling, the crying
It was her life
All she had.

She didn't want it anymore.
She wanted peace.

They say she ran away.
They say she gave up.
They're still wrong.

She has her peace now,
As she lies in her grave.

Her parents never cared,
When the neighbor found her body,
Bruised and molested.

Her 'friends' never cared
When she never came to school again,
They had less compitetion.

She has her peace now,
But she's still alone...