faithless romeo.

you left what you had

you went far away of the people who wants you

following an ideal

leaving her heart... destroyed

she didn't smile again at all

because her soul went with you

how can be happy?

if she didn't get love from who she loved

she waited for you to see sunset

but you already were not

she didn't sleep

you were in her dreams

and she never couldn't talk you

if you return

you won't love her like before


juliet was my friend

juliet liked orange color

juliet didn't dance very good

juliet wrote poems thinking of you

juliet had a little dog

juliet hated to eat fish

juliet wanted to sing pretty songs

juliet died...

because her soul went with you.

I saw her cry for you

she cursed your name

but she really loved you

she died because her soul went with you

don't blame yourself

because now you can love me.