Dry air

It seeped through the window pane,

Filling the pores of my fingertips

All but the radio was exploding with beautiful,



One kiss

That's all it took to ignite

One kiss before the township's lights

One for each of our days wasted away

Three for every tear I've laid on the cheeks of heartache,

Another one for every growing pain,

Now growing passion inside of us

One plus one made two, which always doubled to four

Eight, sixteen, thirty-two more

Don't stop!



A fingernail traced my bones

Showing itself the way to free my belted body

Restrained from the fires we could start

It was beautiful, beautiful silence

And then there was one more for good luck

I gazed back at those lights,

Our electricity could top them

Without a doubt, I thought

Sara's Mask sung through the speakers-

"Is it your face,

that's got you down?"

A hand turned me back from the city ablazed

And toward his chocolate eyes

They seemed to melt with the music,

So pure,



And then there was silence

Beautiful, beautiful silence

Those windowpanes fogged up

Our breathing so heavy,

Our feet so light,

I swore I could have flown

My cares lifting with them

I was lost,

Lost in his rhythm

And Id never want it any other way.

And it was beautiful

Beautiful, beautiful silence