This has been revised many times and here it is, this is the first poem I have written that I think is good so don't flame me too badly. Comments are appreciated!

In this world of makebelieves,
Of fragile hearts and broken dreams.
A hopeful heart from neverland,
With dreams of peace that never ends.
Would fly away on a wisp of smoke.
And when that smoke would disappear,
The heart would hit the ground,
Which spoke.
Of makebelieves and broken dreams,
And the hopeful heart would ask,
"Where are they now?
I have yet to meet a broken dream!"
The ground would answer somberly,
"Why my child, you are one now.
For you are ripped and torn and bleed!
Therefore you are a Broken Dream."

I know that some of the punctuation and capitalization is off, that was done on purpose.