You once stood in a golden light

You were my hero

You cleaned and cooked

Worked twenty hours a day

Maybe it was too much

But I never heard you complain

You found the time to be a father

We talked

We laughed

But where has it al gone?

The golden light has faded

Where is the man I looked up to?

You run off with a red-haired devil

Living your children to starve

You are nothing when you used to be everything

Tell me why our home lies in ruin

You just sit there

Pouring out smoke

I can no longer stand it

But I can no longer just sit aside and watch

I must do something

I want to see you stand

With the pride of the young man

You once where

Every time I see you

Just sitting there it pokes at something

Deep and buried within

So I will do what it takes to see the man

That I once admired


And loved

Stand once more