Silence of Arms

Do you hear yourself?

Your wicked cries to arms

Do fall upon my ears

You trap the young and foolish,

With visions of glory

This crusade must be put to a stop

Enough have fallen

I can no longer stand aside and watch this go on

What are we fighting for?

For freedom?

For revenge?

For protection?

I fail to see the progress

We have done all we can

It is time you lay down your sword

And let the weary soldiers run free

How many more must fall for your ideals

It is time to lie down the rains

Must we right every wrong?

Your nose so deep in others affairs

You have failed to see the wars fought on your own shores

We have done all we can; it is time to step aside

Now we must let the memories of planes and trains rest

So we can move on

And fight our own wars

So silence your call to arms

And let the young and foolish come home

Note: With the posting of this poem I mean no offense to all souls caught up in this unfortunate event, if any thing I envy you're bravery and pray for you safety.