Chapter 1

Sienna Fox was sitting under a tree with her boyfriend, Jake Kiery, sharing their lunch during lunch break in their high school. The two of them were in love, and Sienna still could remember how Jake had tried to woo her and had succeeded. Sienna smiled at that stupid memory. Sienna just moved to the small town of Felcout a while ago and started attending this school only then. She still remembered how she was so afraid of attending a new school.

Sienna had long silvery hair and piercing blue eyes while Jake had spiky brown hair and those oh-so-cute puppy brown eyes. Sienna could never believe her luck when her friends told her that they noticed Jake would look at her during the lessons and then would smile stupidly to himself. Sienna could never believe that this hottie would fall her, the new student, instead of someone better, prettier but Jake had suddenly asked her out just a few months ago.

'Hey, what are you thinking?' asked Jake lazily, with his head leaning on Sienna's shoulder and closing his eyes.

'Just remembering that time when you asked me out. I was so surprised that I thought I was dreaming,' laughed Sienna.

'Hm,' said Jake, almost asleep.

Smiling slightly, Sienna took out a novel and started to read. She didn't notice a girl with long blonde hair and green eyes were looking at her, Lara Crosset, the rich girl, the most famous girl in the school. Lara had started her plan of playing with this new student when she set her eyes on Sienna. It was a common knowledge that Lara loved to play tricks on lonely students and she had almost ran out of new faces to bully, and then Sienna came along. She had sent Jake to woo her, and things were going accordingly to her plan.

The bell rang, signaling the end of their lunch break and the start of another couple of boring lessons. Jake woke up suddenly and started to scramble to his feet and pulling Sienna up with a hand.

Sienna and Jake ran to their class as fast as possible or risk another lecture about how the teacher hated students who couldn't arrive for his class on time. Sienna rushed into the class and was relieve to see that the teacher was later than her. Setting her bags down, she sat at the front of the class, facing where the teacher would stand directly while Jake walked to the back of the class. The teacher came in a few seconds later, looking severe and not smiling as usual.

After a few hours of waiting agonizingly for lessons to finish, the bell rang at last, and the students were free to go home. Picking up her bag with a weary sigh, Sienna and Jake started to walk out of the school compound but quickly parted the moment they were outside the school because Sienna was walking home while Jake was driving. Sienna preferred walking home alone because walking home gave her about forty minutes time to be alone and think of other stuff in her mind.

When she arrived home, she put down her bag and changed into a shirt and a jeans before heading out to the town centre library, all the while hoping that she would be able to borrow the book about candle-making which she had been hoping to be able to make her own candle.

It was raining when she was walking home and luckily she had the foresight of bringingalong an umbrella which was just enough to shield her and the candle-making book in her arms from the heavy rain. The wind was blowing the rain right at her, but she was not complaining. She loved the rain. She loved to dance in the rain when she was young. Even her parents couldn't make her stop dancing in the rain. She would start to cry when they pulled her into the house. She was just passing by Lara's large mansion when she noticed a familiar car parked before the gate. It was Jake's! Surprised, Sienna started to walk toward the car and peered in. What she saw made her blood ran cold. She saw Jake and Lara, lying down on top of each other in the back seat of the car, and it was obvious to Sienna that the two of them were kissing! With a shout of anger, Sienna turned around and walked back home. She heard the car door opened, and heard Jake calling out to her, but Sienna continued marched on, ignoring his calls.

Sienna felt betrayed. Tears were slipping down her cheeks, mixing with the rain drops on her face. How dare Jake do that to me? asked Sienna sadly to herself mentally. Sucking in a deep breath, she tried to calm herself but she was failing miserably. The moment she walked into her house, she ran upstairs and into the room, locking the door behind her and flung herself on top of her bed and started to sob as quietly as possible as not to alert her parents.

'Sienna,' called her father outside her door. 'What happened?'

'Nothing!' bellowed Sienna angrily through her tears. 'Go away!'

'Sienna-' started her mother but she was instantly cut of by Sienna's scream of anguish. Alarmed, Sienna's parents instantly took out a key and unlock Sienna's bedroom door.

'Can't I have just a few damn minutes alone?' whispered Sienna.

'Honey, what happened?' asked her mother in concern.

'It was Jake. I saw him making out with Lara, a girlfrom my school,at the back seat of his car,' gasped out Sienna and she started to sob again. Mr and Mrs Fox sucked in a surprised gasp when they heard Sienna's answer. Jake seemed to be like a nice guy, thought Mrs Fox.

'Don't worry sweetie, we'll go and talk to him tomorrow-' started Sienna's father but was instantly cut off by a glare from his wife.


'Okay, fine. We will not go and talk to him,' soothed Sienna's mother.

'Can you guys go away for a moment? I need some time to be alone,' said Sienna quietly.

'Okay,' said her mother.

'But-' started Sienna's father but was instantly pulled down the stairs by his wife.