Chapter 18

A cold wind blew passed Sienna and she shuddered involuntarily. Spring was coming soon and the snow that had gathered during the winter was melting now. She readjusted the pink scarf around her neck to ward off the cold weather.

After the mishap this morning, the atmosphere around the house had gotten a little tense, so after eating lunch in silence, Sienna had escaped out of the house and was now walking towards Rachel's. She knew what happened this morning was her fault but she didn't understand why her parents would create such a fuss just about something as boring and mundane as meditation.

Sienna turned her mind away from her over-reacting parents and back to the road. The road was peacefully quiet and that was how Sienna liked it. She was tired of the constant sound of cars rushing by, the drivers pressing the car horn et cetera. Sienna rounded a corner and was soon walking along a street lined with small, adorable houses on both sides.

After walking for another few minutes, she arrived before a house with a small and neat garden next to the driveway. No car was there so Sienna just assumed that Rachel's parents were out. She stopped in front of the auburn door and rasped her knuckles against it thrice then she waited with her hands on her hips. After a few minutes, she knocked again. Soon Sienna heard someone moving – stomping, more like – inside the house and the door opened to reveal a very bedraggled Rachel.

"You couldn't have chosen a better time, girl," muttered Rachel sarcastically while fighting back a yawn.

"I called you just now and you were perfectly awake then!" shot Sienna before entering the house. "I can't believe you are still sleeping. It's almost two!"

"I was awake before lunch but I crashed again after eating. I was too bored!" defended Rachel while leading Sienna into the living room. She gestured for her best friend to sit down before plonking down as well. Sienna eyed her best friend with distaste before sighing loudly.

"Do you have anything to drink? I'm thirsty. A packet of crisps would be nice as well!" informed Sienna to her still-sleepy friend. Rachel just rolled her eyes before she stood up and head for the kitchen. "And please wash your face!"

A minute later, Rachel reappeared – she looked much more awake now – with two packets of onion flavoured crisps and a Diet Coke in her hands.

"This is all we've got!" said Rachel and passed the crisps and the Coke to Sienna. "Wanna watch Casino Royale? Just got the DVD yesterday"

Sienna just grunted her reply while drinking. After she was done, she put the half-empty can onto the carpeted floor before turning to face Rachel.

"Jake said that movie sucks! He almost fell asleep in the cinema with his family," said Sienna while tearing open the packet containing those crispy thingies. "But Vesper's hot though."

"He told you that?" asked Rachel incredulously. "And you're not jealous?"

Sienna just shook her head in reply.

"If Erik says another girl's hot then I would have gone all martial arts on him and tear him into pieces!" remarked Rachel dryly before turning her attention back onto the flat-screen TV in front of her.

Jake was right – the movie was very boring. The two of them spent most of the time chatting instead of watching the movie and it wasn't long before Sienna's mobile phone started to ring. A glance at the called ID showed Sienna that it was Jake.

"Hallo, Jake!" greeted Sienna enthusiastically while Rachel just sank back into the couch with an exasperated sigh. Sienna was thrilled to hear Jake's voice. She missed him so much!

After talking for quite some time, Sienna tucked her phone away again only to find Rachel sleeping with her mouth opened. Sienna considered grabbing a fish from the aquarium at the far end of the living room and dropped it into Rachel's mouth but decided against it as soon as that idea appeared – Rachel would flay her alive if she did that!

Sienna shook Rachel awake and she blinked groggily.

"What the hell were you doing last night?" asked Sienna while throwing her hands up. A sly smile lit Rachel's sleepy face.

"I sneaked out to see Erik!" replied Rachel with her sly smile still in place.

"Okay, whatever. Jake's coming to walk me home and he should be here in about fifteen minutes," announced Sienna happily. She couldn't wait to see her boyfriend again!

"Walk you home? Why can't he just drive?" asked Rachel. "And how does he know my address?"

"He doesn't want to drive because he said he's getting fat! He knows your address because I gave it to him!" said Sienna. This time, she was the one who was grinning slyly.

Sienna walked quietly beside Jake. The sky was getting a little darker and from her wristwatch, it was almost six now. Jake had arrived half an hour later after he had called. He told them that he had a hard time finding Rachel's house. Sienna couldn't blame him because Rachel's house was situated at the outskirt of the town and it was a little hard to find. If Rachel hadn't brought Sienna to her house once, she knew she would never be able to find her best friend's house.

"Are you really getting fat?" asked Sienna suddenly. She was instantly awarded a megawatt smile from Jake and she had a hard time controlling herself from kissing her boyfriend. Jake had never smiled like that before and it confused Sienna a little.

"Why don't you try feeling it?" replied Jake coyly while putting Sienna's gloved hands on his stomach. Sienna moved her hands around Jake's stomach and all she could feel was Jake's hard abs. She looked inquiringly at Jake and he blinded Sienna with another dazzling smile.

"Since when do you smile like that?" asked Sienna while wrapping her arms around Jake's waist, pulling him closer to her and effectively stopping them from walking. "You have to stop it because I have a hard time stopping myself from kissing your mouth!"

Jake didn't reply instantly but pressed his lips against Sienna's. The two of them stood there kissing passionately and Sienna was glad that the road was deserted. As soon as she thought of that, a car drove by and the passengers in the car started catcalling and whistling shrilly. The couple broke apart instantly while grinning embarrassedly.

"I started smiling like that ever since I become your boyfriend again!" replied Jake before planting a kiss on Sienna's temple. "We have to get you home soon. It's getting colder."

It wasn't long before Sienna reached her house. Jake walked Sienna to the door and they were able to smell the delicious dinner Sienna's mum was cooking wafting through the closed door.

"I'll see you tomorrow at school then," said Jake before planting another kiss on Sienna's waiting mouth. They broke the kiss a few seconds later and after saying goodbye, Jake started to walk away.

Sienna could feel her heart swelling with happiness as she watched her perfect boyfriend walked away.

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