I've got my GCSEs coming up (for non-British people, they're huge examinations that can choose your future), and I'm drifting through emotions. The only thought now that keeps me going is that after it is all over, I can take deep sighs of relief and know that for now, a taxing milestone in my life is over. This inspired me to write Light Thereafter.

Life is a wonderful thing;

This cannot be ignored

Each and every one who shares it

Treasures something hallowed.

But in this ocean of soft white light

There is also darkness.

Many times in one's life,

The eyes will be blinded,

And will not see the beauty.

Shadows of despair will smother them,

Wreath them in sorrow.

In this darkness, a light is hard to kindle

Yet it always returns,

To save the lost soul from the abyss.

Life has its toils, yes,

Toils of love and anger, despair and hope

But you are not forgotten,

For there is light thereafter.