Tears fall down her eyes;

As her dreams go down the drain.

All she sees in the future…

Fear and unrelenting pain.

There is no greater love,

Then the love of ones self.

On the windowsill…

Sits a beautiful dove.

What she wants to be,

Young, Wild, and Free.

Life is never what it seems.

What is it?

Merely ideas and Dreams.

People think they know the truth.

When the see a fake world.

A vision between two.

Isn't the case?

When all else fails there is suicide?

What is suicide but an escape?

An escape from a world dreamt up.

A world where if you fall,

You can't keep yourself from falling more.

Life is but a fall.

A fall through the only real floor.

She sees the door

To reality just in her reach.

But she stumbles,

As she grasping for her last hope.

She knows that there is only one

Truth to life.

Live by your dreams

Die by y our dreams.

The rest is blackness.