Where has the time gone

i look up at the clock on the wall

dusted over and old fashioned

i scan the room and see the truth

that i've aged 20 years, waiting for you

I promised myself that you were the one

the one worth waiting for

the one that would never let me down

but baby, it seems like i've broken a promise to myself

because you're gone, and i'm all alone

sitting on the rocking chair

my stiff bones creak as the hinges on a door that needs oil

wasted the good years of my life, waiting for you to make up your mind

Where has the time gone?

Where did you go when you left that day?

All i know is, you didn't come back

All i know is, I've never been the same

I look down at your picture, the one you gave me long ago

And i remember how beautiful you are

and i curse under my breath for letting you slip away

Where has the time gone?

I fall to my brittle knees, and instead of a scream of pain

a yelp of powerlessness befalls me as i scream your name to the spirits

praying to whatever deity will listen

that they will bring you back to me

but i know that those prayers fall on deaf ears

because, like you said that night baby, "We've got nothing in common"

Well,you know me,

persistent to the end when theres something i want

but you've finally convinced me, that its the end for you and me

So i say my goodbyes, and i close the door,

and i fall asleep alone

to never wake again

because without you

i have no reason for living

without you, i need not be here

i see the blade on the mantle

delicate and sharp,i took better care of it then i did you baby

I regret not being better at what i did in life

and i regret not being better to you

but what can i say, the past is past

and its time, if i don't want to end up alone

to call the end

Goodbye my love, Think good of me when i am gone

Don't remember the bad times, but think about the good

Think about the love i had for you,

As i bid you adieu

Because i just can't think about you anymore baby

You don't understand, you can't

that whenever i see you with someone else, a part of me dies

even innocent contact, a part of me dies and that can't be helped

i'm a lost cause, baby, so don't worry about me

Just enjoy life, make me that promise that you won't dwell on me when i'm gone

so i know that you'll be happy.

i pick up my blade, run it across my wrist, teasing myself

the serrated tip nicks but does not cut, its bronzed wolf head, feels cold against my skin

drawing the blade across my chest, pulling back and thrusting forward,

feeling it break through the skin

to the hilt, bright red blood flows from the wound

like the tears that flowed every night baby

I just can't do it anymore

I teased myself with love and the end of stress for too long

pulling the blade out, the little wolf coated in bright red blood,

as well as the full blade

I couldn't take care of you like you should have been baby

so i'll take care of myself.

I slump over on the ground in the pool of my own blood and i say with my last dying breath

"Goodbye baby, this is the end,

the last bus to heaven is leaving the station, and my soul has to catch a ride."