Setting You Free

You think you can't feel
without me by your side,
but I believe (know) you can.

I know that you'll survive
continue living,
and loving.

Because I'm a failure
like King Midas,
I destroy everything I touch.

All I've ever done is ruin you,
but you're so blinded by love for me.
you don't even notice (care).

You think the end to us
equals the end to you,
but it's the beginning,

You can be so much more
without this deadweight
only serving to hold you down.

I can't be everything you want
I can't change who I am
and you deserve so much more.

So as I say goodbye,
I'll pretend like this is what I want
and I'll hold back my tears.

No matter how much it hurts me or you
I know eventually you'll thank me
for setting you free.