Setting You Free

You're the horse in a race
with the blinders on
all you can see is forward,
never remembering
or regretting,
and i'm the jockey
filled with anxiousness
that i might be
a deadweight
only serving
to hold you back.

Without me
you would soar
to the finish line,
but you'll never
leave me in the dust
even if it was for the best
because you think
the end of me
would be the end of you,
but i know the truth
and i want you to have
all the trophies you deserve.

So, as you race on
i'll watch from the sidelines,
cheering you on,
attempting to ignore
the pain in your
beautiful brown eyes
and the tears
fighting their way
out of my baby blues
because setting you free
was the only way
you'd ever reach
the finish line.