Tell me all your secrets

The ones no one else knows

The graveyard of your mind

Filled with caskets of grudges

So many bridges burned

Arson paid your debts

And bought you out of heaven

Who on earth would want to go there anyway

Nothing there but white clouds and bliss

We are nothing but a race of masochists

An ism of its own kind

We trust no one

Not even ourselves

Because there is nothing more uneasy

Than an unconfident mind

With no one whom to tell your secrets

So in madness you tell the stars

They blink like weary eyes

You run to tell the river

But it cannot hear you beyond its own babble

You tell the wind

it is too fleeting to care

So you try to tell me

And I respond in positive

You cry on my shoulder

Yes I am your confidant

But like all the others I will betray you

And all you will have left

Is another bridge to burn

Another soul that sold

Because the tabloid market was too rich not to mine