Kalasin was a great Queen. She ruled the vampires wisely and justly. She was loved by many of her people. But every government has its problem with its citizens, and being the first Vampyress in thousands of years won't sit well with everyone. There were uprisings and many of them.

When her daughter, Jennifer, was born, there was a great riot. Many afterward tried to steal the girl to end the monarchy. Most kidnap attempts were put down, but then one day, when the girl was about four years old, the rebels succeeded in kidnapping the princess.

Many people thought that her kidnappers killed young Jennifer, though those that were most loyal to the crown never gave up that the young girl was alive. Only the oldest daughter of the Queen could take the throne and without obvious proof of the girl's death, she was still the heiress. And it would mean death for anyone to touch the throne besides the Queen herself, because of the magick placed upon the chair.

The disappearance of her daughter hit the Vampyress Kalasin hard. She still ruled wisely and justly, but her people rarely saw her. Only her love, Christopher, got to see her. He also played the voice of the Queen. Many felt that maybe he was the one ruling because he was always presiding over the hearings.

The Queen did throw herself into finding her daughter. The skirmishes escalated to a full on civil war. This war lasted several years. During this time, the young heiress grew up, not knowing her true heritage. She was taught the values of her captors, the people she thought were her family. She learned to hate the Vampyress, believing that the Queen was a dictator.

The young girl grew up as Jaycee Barker, a girl born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. She never knew anything of who she truly was. For twelve years she lived as a normal child of vampires, not knowing she was adopted, not knowing she was a princess. But with her sixteenth birthday coming up, her life is about to change forever.