Moonlight Tigress: Thanks. I'm trying to work in some things more dramatic in it. Though I don't know if it's working that well.

Chapter 9: Jackie's Suspicions

They spent hours just cuddling and kissing. At nightfall, they got up and took off, heading for home.

"Jay," Wesley said. "I love you, but if you want to go out with this Ben guy, I won't blame you. After all, you don't get to see me often. I would understand."

He kissed her cheek, his breath hot on her skin. She'd missed him badly. She glanced at him, before returning her eyes to the road. The Monte Carlo was speeding along Fort Street. The rain splattered against the car.

"I love you, Wesley," Jaycee said. "No one can change that. I don't want to be with anyone else when I can have you."

Wesley smiled that amazing smile that always made her weak at the knees.

"I'm glad I don't have to share you," Wesley said. "You're too wonderful to have to share you with anyone."

"Getting a little selfish there, are we?" Jaycee asked.

"Not at all. I just know a wonderful girl when I see one and don't want to lose the one I love to anyone else."

The rain was falling down around the car extremely hard. Lightening flashed and thunder rumbled. It was an amazing storm, really beautiful and romantic. Jaycee pulled off on the side of the road at Schaeffer. Wesley pulled her close and kissed her lips. "You're beautiful," he whispered in her ear.

"We have to be careful," Jaycee said, trying to focus on something other than the feeling of his breath on her skin. "We're still not allowed to see each other. It is going to be really hard to sneak away to be around each other. Do you really want to be with someone that you can't see all the time?"

"Babe," Wesley said. "You're more than worth it."

He smiled as he kissed her, enjoying the softness of her lips. He knew he would never meet anyone like her, no matter how many centuries he lived.

It hurt that her parents would not allow them to be together. Her heart was bound to him, she knew that now. She couldn't fight it if she wanted to. So what was the point in even trying to?

"Wesley," Jaycee said. "I'm yours forever and always. I don't care if it's hard. I don't want to live without you."

He kissed on the forehead. "Are you sure?" he asked. "Don't you want to date someone your parents will approve of?"

"I'm sure," Jaycee said as she turned the ignition to get going again. She drove back to the park to drop Wesley off.

Once she parked, Wesley kissed her cheek. Then he climbed out of the car to walk the rest of the way to his house, which was only a block or two.

As she drove off, Jaycee grabbed her phone to call Jackie. She didn't notice the black limousine pulling up in front of Wesley, and was around the corner before he got in.

"Why can't you just be happy for me?" Jaycee said, speaking loud enough for her phone, on speakerphone could pick it up.

"I AM," Jackie's voice came from her end of the line. They often talked like this when one of them was driving. It kept their hands on the wheel. "It's just suspicious is all. I mean if he honestly felt that way, why did he cut off contact with you at all?"

"I don't know. But he loves me still."

"Well, what about Ben?"

"I don't know. I guess I'll have to let him down easy."

"But you liked him a lot."

"I know but what is liking someone in comparison to loving another?"

"It just strikes me as weird that Wesley decides now that you're worth fighting for, after he broke up with you and hasn't talked to you since."

"Maybe he just didn't get the chance. I'm sure he has a good explanation. In fact, I'll ask him next time I see him."

"I don't thinkā€¦"

"What don't you think? That I shouldn't see him?"

"Never mind, Jay. Just be careful."

"Yeah. Whatever."

Jaycee pressed the cancel button. She was fuming. Her best friend was supposed to be happy for her, not suspicious of the love of her life's motives. She saw that she was nearing her street, and turned and went the other way. She so was not ready to go home and deal with everything there.

At her own home, Jackie was still staring at the phone in her hand. The dial tone was loud enough for her to hear even without having the phone near her ear. She turned it off. This was not Jaycee. She'd always been testy when it came to Wesley, but never acted like that before. Then again, Jackie had never voiced such suspicions about him. Something was going on and Jackie was sure it had something to do with the return of the 'wolf.