It was as if she was finally living a fairytale of her own.

From when she was little, she was enchanted by the idea of love. She would beg her mother to read her stories about how a prince would rescue a girl, they would fall in love, get married, and live happily ever after. Her eyes would widen and a small sigh would escape her lips every time the prince and girl proclaimed their love to one another. Once the story was over, her mother would leave her alone in her room when she would dream for hours of one day finding her own prince that would whisk her off her feet.

As this little girl got older, she learned that there were many different forms of love in the world. Yet, she still remained fascinated with the idea of fascinated love. Her mother had long grown tired of reading her the same fairytales over and over again, so she had begun to read stories on her own. She actually preferred being able to read the stories on her own because this allowed her to reread her favorite parts as many times as she wanted. She was able to read it until she practically had it memorized. Then, when she had had her fill of the story, she would like back on her bed and try to imagine what her prince charming was doing at that moment.

If she thought the books about fairytales were great, they were nothing compared to the movies she began to watch. In the movies, she could finally see the looks of tender love she had always read about. She could see the tender caresses they gave one another. The movies were so real that she could almost feel what the characters were feeling. After watching the movie, she would go home, lie down on her bed, and think about her prince with a small smile on her face.

Years passed and eventually, this girl began her search for the man she had always dreamed about. She met several different people, and even began to really like some of them, but she knew that none of them were the one she was looking for. She would laugh it off with her friends who called her a tease and make jokes that maybe she had A.D.D. when it came to boys, but deep inside she was hurt that her dream was not turning out the way she had planned. One night, after another unsuccessful date, she went home, lay down on her bed, began to dream of her prince charming, and cried. That night, she decided to give up her search for him.

With no hope of finding the love she so longed for, she began to create it on her own. Remembering how much she had loved the stories she had read when she was little, she began to create stories of her own. She worked for hours, creating what she believed to be the perfect love stories. Through her characters, she was almost able to experience falling in love. She was able to make two people value love as much as she did. She knew it was not as good as the real thing, but she was happy to have any sort of experience with love. Yet, still, at night, she would lie down on her bed and try to imagine where her prince was.

Little did she know that soon he would no longer be just a dream.

He was a friend's prom date. They were in the same limo, but really did not speak to each other. In fact, it was possible that the only words they spoke to one another were "Hello" and "Goodbye". When he kissed her on the cheek as he left the limo, she did not expect to see him ever again, and she had no problem with that.

About a month later, she did wind up seeing him again. They spoke more this time, but she still had no opinion of him. To her, he was just another guy. When they began to hang out more often, she did form an opinion of him, but not a very good one. In fact, she didn't like him at all. For a reason she could not explain, she avoided talking to him as much as possible and immaturely spoke about him behind his back. She told her friends how much she could not stand him. She fully believed that she would never be able to like him. She just could not understand why every time she would hang out with her friends, she would hope he would be there.

Then one day he came to her rescue. She had been upset and crying, and he was the one who came to her to comfort her. He was the one that listened to her cry about her insecurities. It was he who had put an arm around her when she needed it the most. He stayed with her until he had wiped away all of her tears and made sure that no new ones would be falling. That night, when she fell asleep, the prince she dreamed of had a face.

College began and she feared she would never see him or even speak to him again, but she had no reason to fear. In fact, they began to speak to each other even more and saw each other every weekend. She felt foolish, but she would work extra hard on her hair before she was going to see him and even went online in hopes that she would be able to speak him. One night, even though she was so tired she was sure she could sleep for seven years straight, she stayed up until 5 o'clock in the morning talking to her prince. Her dreams were no longer good enough, she wanted her prince in real life.

And then her dream did come true. While the entire group of friends was hanging out one day in a park, he took her aside to speak to her. They stood on opposite sides of a bear statue, and her heart was pounding so hard she was sure he could hear it. Looking in her eyes, he said the words she had so desperately wanted to hear, "I like you." He then went on to tell her that she was beautiful, intelligent, funny, and had a great personality. She was sure that things could not get any better, but they did.

They began to date one another and, although things were a little slow in the beginning, she knew that this man was different than all the others she had ever known before. She knew she could easily fall in love with him, but she tried to keep herself from falling to fast. She would not allow him to see how much he really meant to her. She was too scared that if she did let him know how much she cared for him, her fairytale would come to an end. She may have been able to hide it from him that she loved him, but she was unable to hide it from herself. There was no way she could deny the joy she felt just from thinking about him. He lifted up her spirits like no one else had before. He was, in every essence, her other half. She just hoped that he saw her as his princess.

And then he told her. It was a cold January night; the day after a major snowstorm had made everything outside completely white. They were sitting in her living room on the couch by the window. The next day, school was once again starting, meaning that her paradise of being able to see him everyday would come to an end. She sat with him, knowing that he would have to leave her house any minute, but wishing he would not have to. Then, as they sat there, just looking at one another, he finally said it.

"I love you."

Her heart leapt upon hearing those words. As he pulled her towards him to kiss her, she kissed him with everything she had, hoping that somehow he would understand how much he meant to her. She wanted him to know that she had loved him before she had even met him, that she had searched for him for so long, that he was everything she had ever wanted, that she would move Heaven and Earth if only to make him smile, that he was the reason she had been put on this Earth. She knew there was no way a single kiss could tell him so much. But then, she thought, there would be many other kisses she could give him to try to convey all those messages to him. For then, she just settled with saying, "I love you, too."

That night, as she lay down on her bed, she smiled broadly, knowing that at long last, she had her own fairytale.

A/N – This is just a little piece that popped into my head while I was in the shower today. It's kind of an autobiographical account of my experiences with love. I wrote it in one sitting, so it's not my best piece of work. Please R/R!