Dead bodies

Dumped on the ground

Like yesterday's fish…

No one bothers to pick them up,

Not when they're soggily clinging to the rocky pavement

Trampled by busy men in black coats

With black umbrellas

And sunglasses

Veins popping underfoot,

Spines shattered,

Trying to find something new to cling to,

The bottoms of shoes,

The backs of flowing coats.

Swimming in overflowing gutters,

I see dead bodies

The ripples from drops of rain moving in slow motion

Dead bodies writhing,

Trying to stay afloat…

I watch in horror as they die

Two, four, five, ten times over

Scraped mercilessly against the gray rocks

Until they resemble nothing more than ripped shreds of paper

And no one notices that they once had a purpose,

Dead bodies don't matter,

I'm the only one who sees them

As they lie there, unmoving

Pounded relentlessly by streams, rivers, waterfalls

Never resting in peace,

Like the others.

Dead bodies

Cover the world with their embrace

Fluttering painlessly to try and reach someone,


Who will see them for what they are,

The fruits of our generation

Dead bodies

Cover the streets

With their apathetic gazes staring up,

Hoping that someone will finally notice them

As real

And not just imaginary outlines in a coloring book