6 Years Old

Daddy, I love you.

Mommy misses you.

I miss you too.

Where are you daddy?

Where are you?

I'm six now daddy.

I'm getting big!

Come to my house.

Please daddy?


10 Years Old

Dad, I miss you.

You said you'd call.

But you didn't again.

Dad where are you?

Where'd you go?

Today in class,

we watched a movie.

I'm good at math now.

Dad, can I show you?

Please dad?

You said you'd come see me.

But you didn't come again.

I miss you so much dad,

Will you come for my birthday?

I'll be 10 on my birthday.

14 Years Old

I'm getting taller dad.

Almost as tall as you.

Haven't seen you in a while.

When can you stop by again?

You know I don't live far.

I'm almost in highschool.

My grades are good dad,

I want to be a doctor.

Do you think I could dad?

Whould I make a good doctor?

You said you'd call this time.

You promised me you would.

You missed another game too.

Where you working again?

Why are you so busy?

19 Years Old

I'm going to college dad.

I'm studying to be a physician.

My graduation's next month.

Will you come see it?

If you aren't working?

I'll be moving out soon.

I'm kind of scared.

It's a big step to take.

Were you scared dad?

When you first moved out?

Phone me sometime dad.

If it doesn't kill you.

I'd like to talk some time.

If you get that chance.

Would you call me dad?

30 Years Old

I'm a physician now dad.

That's a fancy word for doctor.

You should write more.

Would you visit or something?

Or even call sometime?

The wife want's to meet you.

She's pregnant now.

They say it'll be a boy.

I hope it looks like me.

Would you think so too?

I live in the hills now.

A nice little town.

You should see it you know.

I don't live that far.

Come and visit?

46 Years Old

The grandkids want to see you.

They miss you, you know.

The little one looks like his mom.

You should keep your promises.

You told him you'd visit last week.

You should take them places.

Like camping or fishing.

I always wanted to when I was a kid.

Would you take them for a trip?

Just bond with them. Please.

The oldest is almost 16 now.

We're throwing a party.

I'm getting his licence for him.

Will you be there for that?

It'll be a great bash.

67 Years Old

Are you still alive dad?

It's been so long.

The kids have moved out.

Do you remember them?

The three boys?

Phone, write, visit some time.

We'd love to see you.

I miss you so much dad.

The boys don't even remember you.

Visit us all here... please?