AN/ This poem was inspired by the story of Beauty and the Beast, but is not fanfiction.



The tale begins at the peak of night,

T'was dark, no lamp, no sight

Magic grew with thick deception

Giving a chance for human redemption.

The trees whisper of a dangerous threat,

The zither strings create a net

To succumb that which enters it's walls

Fate encloses as darkness falls.

Mystery, oh history, pray speak your name,

Unlock your riddle and end the game

Things are happening, it's so befuddled

Mind is swimming, just so muddled.

Time comes when the weak must be strong,

Let go, just follow the heart song

Hope remains when there is no fear

Find the calling and keep it near.

What was feared is suddenly transformed,

The spell is broken, appearance reformed

No more darkness, only light

No need for lamp, courage is sight.

The riddle is broken

Fate has spoken

The zither's nets tear

Allowing the heart's walls to repair

The human is free of magic

This tale is not at all tragic!