My Really, Really, Really, Really Bored Tomb

Wow… I am really, really, really, really bored.

Drilled this hole through my skull…

Brain matter falling out…

Mummify me next, please!

Remove internal organs,

Build me up a tomb,

I want my pyramid to be the greatest under skies so blue.

Ancient Pharaohs can take a hike.

Nothing will be such a wondrous sight,

As my tomb, towering up so tall…

I wish all of me could go in,

Mushy brain, drilled hole and all!

The great Emily Dickinson once wrote something,

Being a nobody,

And public like a frog;

Thrown out somewhere,

To an admiring bog;

She dreaded to be somebody…

That's all I recall.

The great Emily Dickinson can join me in my tomb,

Mushy brain, drilled hole and all!

In European history,

Napoleon (Bonaparte, the French one)

Decided to be brash, decided to be bold!

"Why Russia broke my treaty!"

He exclaimed, and marched off to soldier's doom,

By invading Russia in the winter, the poor misguided fool.

But he shall join me also.

In my tomb of brilliant glory,

Mushy brain, drilled hole and all…

Dear has this poem become gory!