Parched and bleeding
earth below

Tears constantly fall
a continuous
Rain of Pain


Everyone seems so
to me
Can't they hear me?
Screaming, crying, bleeding

It's such a cruel
world to live in

Wisps of ice
on prayers' backs
floating slowly up
Self-loathing, anger, hatred, fear
So many languages
so much pain
A multicultural mural of hurt

Gasping, drowning in a sea
of sadism

I can't do this anymore
No one seems to care

Release some pain
in a tidal wave
flood of tears,
Wind blowing,
Angels howling,
beating each other to
bloody pulps

Bodies fall like hail
poisoning the water
for years to come

I'm tired,
So tired
Please, Just let me go

Frost forming,
Snow falling,
Avalanche of relief
Buried deep within my self
Vacation from the rain,
the pain
I've surrendered
Let another deal with it
May it be Mortal or
I care not,
Just let me
rest in peace