A Long Long Time Ago

in a Galaxy Far Far away

a time when everything felt right

when everything WAS right

there lived a man who knew what he wanted

Why then

is he on the inside looking out

of his own soul?

Why does he bury

all that he once knew?

Why does he deaden himself

so that even his soul cannot feel the bitterness

of Hoth's frozen winter?

Because he's on the inside looking out and he doesn't know what else to do

His window has passed

All that was broken remains as a tattered scarf

tied to a light pole, blowing in the wind

Why you ask, can he not let go of that feeling?

Because The scarf no longer exists.

It was picked up by a wise young man

who mended it

made it whole again

something he could not do


he watched as the scarf left

knowing it would never return to him

This is why he is eternally lost

looking out from the inside of his own soul.