Here I am again
Staring at the ceiling
Wondering what's wrong with me
And realizing I'm missing you

There are so many things I want to tell you
But there's not much time
I'm running out
I hope this is enough to say

I love you
It doesn't matter if you don't
I'm going away soon anyway

I can't stay, alive, breathing without you
It hurts too much to be just a friend
I hope you understand

There's something wrong with what we're doing
It's not right
I need you tonight

There's a gun pointing at me
I take it and put it at the side of my head

I'm singing this song
It's just for you
I just made it now while I'm waiting for your call

I want to say goodbye, my love
Like you said it to me

It's been a year since we were
It's been a week since we're not
How do you feel?
Are you free?

There's a bullet with my name on it
There's a trigger that has yours

I guess it's time
I guess I can't say goodbye
There's still a lot I want to say
But I'm wasting too much time

So, goodbye...

Just remember
Until the last breath, the last moment
It's you, my only one, my love,
My last one, the one for me for eternity

And I'm sorry
I didn't mean to hurt you
But I have to go if you want me to let go of you

I pull the trigger
I hear a bang
I hear screams
I hear cries
But I can't see your smile
And I can't feel your kiss

The last thing I'll ever want
The last thing I'll ever ask
But I can't see, I can't feel...
The last of you

So I'll say this even though I'm gone

I love you...