Formed from Splintered Pieces

I'm sorry if
the joy won't stop
I don't know what to do
I've given up control
over all that I have
and I'm completely wrapped up in you.

You promised me hope
and life, and peace
I waited in the shadows.
All around me,
darkness fell
and I felt so alone

but I kept crying out

through the pain
through the tears
through the bloody assault on my soul
as my hope faded
I clung to yours
hoping you could make me whole.

Moment by moment and
day by passing day
I fumbled my way in the dark.
If I could see,
it was only one step in front of me

but I kept crying out.

I thought that maybe
hope would come
through a dramatic change of circumstance
But instead you took
my broken heart
and set me free to dance.

and now I see
that a broken hand
from a man, a God
once broken in body, spirit, and soul
has captured my heart
put together the parts
and made me entirely whole.