This was written during Katrina, finally got to put it up.

Not written very well, but any type of review is good

How could we imagine it to end like this?

How can we uncurl out fists?

Raised up in mutiny of our dear city?

People see and think pity

Let the rain fall

Down on this city

We'll still have that all night ball

Parading down the streets

With those crazy jazz beats

That are only here.

What do we have to fear?

Redemption is so near

Can you repent in time?

Before that hour glass runs out

You can only do it here down south

Where the party is wild

That's our style

That's how we do it here in this city

That's my hometown

It's drowning itself

When will you drain it out?

You're leaving us in doubt

Who will have a home?

Who will be left to roam?

Where could they find a home?

When can the rest rebuild a home?

When can we go home?

To the city of decadence

My home,

New Orleans

Please take me home

Where the music grabs at your soul

Let me tell you that,

My own tale of two cities lies at home.

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