breathless city smell
candy apple red lips,
my lips were plumped; I was pumped
I jumped
when I thought I saw you
in the city
when I thought you were my city love
(oh, I jumped so high
I touched the little lights
from a jet flying in the sky
falling, actually
into never-ending dark)

breathless city smell
mint green scarf
I wore after I realized that,
(despite my little lady size)
I wasn't huggable enough so I
had to keep myself warm
and the winter air was never colder
when I thought I saw you
back against the moon
the city lights were your tinkerbells,
peter pan

breathless city smell
my naked hands
fragile, porcelain fingers
shook as they reached out,
desperately seeking what was never there

I shoved my hands back in my pockets, so foolish
I thought you were going to lend me your gloves