I guess for most I'm counted as strong
seeing as it took so long for fate to break me
I tried so hard to just make the bad stop coming
but again and again it came
a raging monster that never wanted to stop
so I looked to love to save me from all of it
and for the most of it love had saved
of course a few moments there were
that it had almost failed me but
it picked itself back to be the strongest
fought off the bad once again
and then love decided to turn on me
and love decided to just up and leave
giving the excuse that it's still there
but I can't feel it anymore
so many things that it helped to fight off
decided to come back to haunt me
so tell me please
how long can someone hold back the tears
how long can I hold this pain inside
how long can I stand to live this way
knowing only this way to live
and since my only escape from all of it decided to be a cause
how long am I going to last now?
how long till I go over the edge
commit the unforgivable sin
trying so hard to hold back from it
now after all this maybe I should just embrace it
and let it change me completely
and let this person die away inside of me
since it was on the brink of life anyway
and now the life support has been pulled
how much longer will it hold on
that person dying inside me

How much can it take