Randi. That's my name. Not that pretty, eh? Oh well. I should explain my situation to you. Well then, here I go. I'm in love. With. Take a deep breath, laddies. An Angel.

A gorgeous, gentle, faceless, Angel. I call him Krui. Long firey red hair.Slim, feminine body. Soft feathery wings that shine when you touch them.

Only, I do wish I could see the face that hides behind that mask. But I can't. Krui, or any other Angel, actually, aren't allowed to show their faces till they get deep emotions for the said person they'd like to show. And, sadly, Krui doesn't even know me.

Why, you ask? Krui doesn't know cause he's never seen me. I blend in so well with all the outcasts, that he never see's me. Even with him hanging around the school like he's waiting for the gate of hell to open or something.

But I think he's a miracle-maker. Our school hasn't had any problems or any bad things since I spotted Krui. Until I started drawing Krui. You see, I'm an artist.With Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. And drawing is my Obsession at the moment. So I drew Krui. Many, many times, I drew that Angel only I could see.

So, as I sat under a tree, watching him on the railing of the steps, I slowly stood and started towards him. I whispered under my breath "Notice me, Krui. Notice me. Do something so I know you're real." His head spun straight to me, and I gasped,taking a clumsy step backwards just to-not fall?

I glanced up, and noticed, with a dark blush, that Krui had caught me. I smiled sheepishly andgot to my feet, stepping away from me, but he followed after me.

"How did you know my name?"

I paused in my tracks and glanced over at him. His voice. It was more smoother than I imagined. It sounded like someone was singing gospel music. "I-I..wait,Krui's your real name? I just made it up, it came to my mind the first time I-"

"Well, that explains something.", he said and in an instant, I felta grip around my waist, a hand on my cheek, apair of lips on mine. Then, as quickly as it happened, Krui was gone.

'He-He..kissed me. Oh. My. God.' I stood there like an idiot, eyes wide and mouth slack before Iglanced at the school and startedtowards it, a light skip to my step.


"Soo..Krui, what was that all about?"


"I saw you kiss the mortal boy. Never knew you were kinky like that.."

"Oh, that was-HEY!" he shoved the other male sitting next to him playfully, glaring. "That was uncalled for, Clik."

Clik, the dark haired malewith enoughleather on him to be mistaken for cattle, chuckled. "So, why'd you kiss 'im?"

"He can see me. And he knew my name."

"Ohh. He's..one of the chosen. That's why this building calls out to you, eh?"

Krui shrugged and brushed a lock of hair away. "I guess so. But I think he's one of those transchosen."

"One that can see both Angels and those of the night?"

"Yes. And can be claimed by one, if the mortal allows it." Krui said icily.

Clik touched his shoulder gently. "No need to get worried. Did you see the way he reacted to you? He likes you. And I've noticed things are getting worse. Why?"

"He's been drawing me. That's not-"

"Oh shush. It's just a jealous demon wanting to make your job harder."



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