As I walked out of the school after the last bell had rung, my eyes went straight to a tall male, with peircing green eyes and long black hair, a smirk on his features as he walked towards me.

"So, Randi, how'd you get those ideas for the drawings in Art?"

"Which ones?"

"The angel. With no face." the male replied, saying angel like it was evil.

"Oh..I just thought those up.", I said, meek and scared. This other male was intimidating. I nearly jumped out of my skin when I felt him wrap one arm around me and pull me close.

"Ever think of-"

"You'd better get your filthy hands off him, Ruwk." Krui replied, pulling me out of the said male's grasp. I skittered away, and both the male's disappeared into thin air.


I squeaked and blushed darkly, just wanting to turn invisible as I tripped over a pair of feet. Hearing the voice to be a female's, I glanced between my fingers to see this gorgeous thing staring down at me.

"You okay, doll?", she asked, one hand held out in help. I took it and got to my feet, staring at her for a moment before shaking my head slightly.

"I'm fine...Thank you."

"Mhhmm. Sure. Oh! Hey! You're that kid who draws those angels, huh?"

"Mmm..yeah.." I replied quietly, smiling as I felt Krui walk up behind me and wrap one arm around my waist.

The girl didn't even notice him, though, her eyes shifting over me swiftly before shoving a strand of firey red hair behind one ear.

"Hey..wanna go out sometime?"

"Huh? Oh..umm...I'm. Uhh. I don't. I'm not interested in girls-"

"I know, silly. I meant as in hanging out. No need to get all bent out of shape."

Krui chuckled softly, silently agreeing with her, making me want to backhand him.

"Oh. Okay. Sorry. Of course I'd like to hang out. Anything in mind?"

"Explain to me why your angel's are faceless."


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