Touching me, holding me, implanting your fire,
Unfurling wings of dark, iniquitous desire.
Love's purities disappear into temptation,
But soothing strokes weaken my vexation.

Master of Deception, Seraph of the Shadows,
Your smile is betraying, challenging your pose.
Beneath that smirk lies your true intention.
Self-inflicted torture is truly your invention.

Sharpened blade, unfamiliar shield, clash so quietly
Swiftly, too swiftly, you declare the victory.
Exploited, and anointed in the cesspool of despair,
My love for you is quickly warped beyond repair.

Seraph of the Shadows, no longer call me by my name.
I have lost all identity, adrift amongst the shame.
I try to flee from you, to escape enticing heat,
My efforts hindered by shackles embellishing my feet.

And so here I stand, chained to lust, justly made a slave,
While you continue to torture me, by bestowing what I crave.
You know I can't resist you, that I really never could,
So I surrender, more easily than I should.

Yet somewhere in the darkness, my soul lives on to dance
And I know some day, somehow, we'll escape this noxious trance.
Until then, I hope some part of you can understand,
Even though I despise the Seraph, I still love you as a man.